Under F2F Transport you're welcome to use any load board or any customer you want. We don't book your freight, that's your job. If you can book and drive your truck, we will handle everything else. It's time to take control of your business and run it the way you want.

Self Dispatch

This is the closest you can get to your own authority without having it. You have Total Freedom, but a lot of responsibility. You are a business owner and we are here to help facilitate your success by providing guidance along the way as a trusted partner. Otherwise, choose some load boards, find some customers, and run your truck the way you need to.

  • 80% Gross Pay
  • Total Freedom
  • Unlimited Home Time
  • Samsara ELD .
  • Personalized Maintenance Escrow

What else do I need to know?

Here are some details you may need to make your decision


  • Dry Van Trailers are $165-$220 a week based on the year of the trailer (2015-2021). Trailer year is based on availability. Flatbeds are $235 per week.
  • PrePass is $3.88/wk
  • Plates are $52/wk if you choose ours
  • Use any load board you choose! F2F does offer $100 off per month for truckstop.com as well as a Free 30 Day Trial - Trucker's Edge .
  • Truck Insurance - $35 a month for non-trucking liability / 5% of truck value annually for physical damage coverage.
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If you have questions about whether or not you would qualify, just call or email with your questions and we'll help you out.

2 Years Experience

No more than 1 ticket in the last 3 years

No more than 2 preventable accident in the last 3 years

No DUI's in the last 10 years

No excessive speeding or safety zone violations

Points against a license are evaluated case by case

If you still have questions

We suggest checking out our FAQs page

Hopefully that clears everything else up for you